Jiwan Premium Detergent Powder

Jiwan Premium Detergent Powder gives you the assurance to shine, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your whites and colored items will shine thanks to the advanced technology in this detergent powder. Your colored and white clothes sparkle like new again thanks to it, which gives them fresh vitality. Without leaving any trace on your clothing, it targets and swiftly dissolves in water the dirtiest messes. Furthermore, it includes a scent that keeps your clothes smelling great and energizes you. Let your confidence radiate as brightly as your attire with detergent powder on your side. To get the best results, it functions equally effectively in both bucket and machine washing. Jiwan detergent powder is here to assist you in giving your clothing the overall cleanliness they require. Jiwan washing powder employs cutting-edge technology to readily dissolve, rapidly build foam, and swiftly and effectively remove difficult stains.

Specification :

Brand Jiwan
Color white sparkle
Packaging Powder
Available Packing 1 kg
Fragrance Natural Floral