Jiwan Stainless Steel Scrubber

(1) MULTIPURPOSE: – Effectively safe clean difficult, baked-on messes, ideal for washing dirty, scrubby dishes, pots, pans, cups, glasses, and other glassware, as well as dishes, pots, nonstick pans, and cooktops, Cleaning wipes are useful for cleaning bottles, pantries, bathroom tubs, showers, ovens, windows, carpets, stainless steel, and more. They are also appropriate for cleaning floors, bathrooms, living rooms, and offices. faster and easier.

(2) ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Scrub and clean the majority of pots, pans, utensils, kitchen appliances, walls, fixtures and fittings, grills, railings, floors, desks, stairways, counters, and maintenance tools.

(3) LONG-LASTING: Created to be resilient to deterioration caused by exposure to hot water, detergents, and common cleaning solutions. Premium scouring pads are built to last, have a strong cleaning effect, and are resistant to tearing and wearing out even after many applications (Always test in a small area prior to ensure no scratching occurs).

(4) WON’T COLLECT BAD SMELLS: To produce these household cleaning sponges, we only employed the highest-quality wood pulp. As a result, you may safely sterilize them in the dishwasher and they won’t accumulate a foul odor like other sponges. Even better, they’re eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

(5) OUTSTANDING SCRUBBING POWER: Each sponge has a soft, absorbent side and a strong, sturdy scouring side. As a result, you’ll spend less time washing dishes and cleaning pots, windows, floors, and work tables.

(6) QUALITY INSPECTED: A recognized third-party inspection company has examined the quality of our products. Before shipping, every item has been examined and put through a durability and functionality test. No Compromise on Quality.